CPE Agility and CPE Speedway Trial Schedule

Speedway is judged by Course Marshals.

About CPE Agility

How do we get started in CPE Agility and what is it?

Dogs must be 15 months or older the day of the trial to enter a CPE Agility trial. Go to the Member Records (k9cpe.com) and fill out the registration to obtain a CPE number for your dog.

CPE Agility offers 7 classes, Standard and 6 games which are Fullhouse, Jackpot, Colors, Jumpers, Wildcard and Snooker. They have 4 Height categories, Regular, Veteran (age 6 and over), Enthusiast and Specialist which allows dogs to jump a height or two lower. The following obstacles that may be used for CPE are the Dogwalk, A Frame, teeter, single, double and triple jumps, tire, table, weave poles, panel jump and broad jump.

See the complete rulebook and events at http://www.k9cpe.com/index.htm 

Standard Class. The object of Standard is to successfully run a full course of numbered obstacles in the correct order.

Colors Class. The object of Colors is to successfully run a choice of one (1) of the two (2) over-lapping colored mini-agility courses in the same ring.

Wildcard Class. The object of Wildcard is to successfully complete the course including enough “wildcards” which will be marked on the course at three (3) different obstacles to qualify.

Snooker Class. The object of Snooker is to test the planning strategies of the competitor and the dog’s ability to concentrate on and execute the competitor’s directions.

Jackpot Class. The object of Jackpot is to test the course planning strategies of the competitor, and the dog’s ability to work at a distance. The competitor will attempt to accumulate the minimum required points in the first part of the game, then going on to the gamble, working for the Jackpot.

FullHouse Class. The object of FullHouse is to test the course planning strategies of the competitor to successfully accumulate enough points for the Team’s level as well as three (3) of a kind, a pair and a joker before the course time has ended. The Team will choose the course, with the purpose of accumulating the required points for the level that the Team is competing in, with the required sets of obstacles, and getting to the table to stop time without going over and losing the points accumulated. The Team has 5 seconds to arrive to the table to stop time and will lose one (1) point for every full 1 second over the 5 seconds.

Jumpers Class. The object of Jumpers is successfully complete an all jumps and tunnels course. CPE allows training in the ring.

About CPE Speedway

CPE SpeedWay is a newest division of CPE, which gives dogs and competitors another opportunity to play in a fun, competitive environment. Speedway is games that consists of only tunnels, hoops and barrels. At this time we will only be offering up to 9-12 runs of the games, Slingshot, Pitstop and Pole Position. These games are ground classes which are great for senior dogs as well as dogs just starting out their agility career.

See the complete rulebook and events at http://www.k9cpe.com/index.htm 

The following classes are offered in our Speedway Trials (up to 12 classes a day)

Slingshot. The object of Slingshot is to maneuver through a set course of hoops and tunnels, with accuracy and speed, while adding the potential for the dog to show the ability to work at a distance. The competitor and dog will run through the course as numbered until the Team reaches a point where the gamble lines are laid out. The competitor may attempt to send the dog to the obstacles while the competitor stays on the other side of one (1) of the two (2) gamble lines. To earn the multiplier(s) the team shall complete the course without any corrections and perform the distance challenge.

Pitstop. The object of Pitstop is to allow individual dogs to compete in a challenging tunnel only numbered course and guided by the competitor with accuracy and speed. The dog and competitor have up to a maximum time of 60 seconds to complete the 100-yard tunnel course which may consist of eight (8) to twelve (12) entrances.

Pole Position Solo. The object of Pole Position is a course where the dog will show the ability to navigate around barrels in response to a competitor’s commands, with accuracy and speed. Pole Position Solo consists of a single dog and competitor team. The competitor and dog shall complete the 100-yard course that consists of one (1) performance of each barrel as directed on the numbered course. The course will consist of a pre-determined pattern using five (5) barrels.

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