Rat Games

Rat Games

Rat Games is a rat hunting sport that will cultivate your dog’s sense of smell and build a greater bond with your canine partner through rat hunting classes, and join in on one of the latest canine sports. We offer two different rat hunting venues for you and your dog’s enjoyment.

Rats are placed in a protective thick PVC tube with air holes that keep them safe from the dogs. No rats are harmed in this sport. Our rats are our pets also. Our rats are well rewarded for their participation in this sport.

Rat Games Heads or Tails?

Rat Games Trial Schedule

No events planned at this time.

About Rat Games

Courses – Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Champion

Games Descriptions – Games are for all levels. They are point accumulative scores for titles.

Heads or Tails – Work your dog at a distance with limited rats on course: two in the half you are on and two in the other half.

Distance – Another distance challenge similar to Heads Or Tails except the entire course is behind a distance line.

Speed – Learn how to handle stress by focusing on finding each rat within 30 seconds or less and, optionally, calling clear when your dog is complete.

Pairs – Teamwork is beautiful thing to behold. Two people, two dogs and four minutes to find six rats.


 Tunnels – Two minutes and lots of tunnels. Complete as many as you can but no points for repeating them.

Bet The Farm – A points game based on speed and similar to Mad Hatter with a twist! You don’t know the number of rats on course and you may call clear when course is clear of rats for a bonus.

Hurdlers – Versatility plus! Hurdles, rats and recall, oh my!

Mad Hatter – Have we gone mad?! Ten rats on course every time is a doggie smorgasbord and total fun for the dog! Have fun and find rats!

Me First – Dogs race head to head on their own mirror image courses. The first to call rat correctly wins. The winner of each race will run the next dog until they have lost twice. Last dog standing overall wins.

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